Swim Team Management:

You'll save countless hours of team management effort every month!

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3500+ Swim Teams Utilize TeamUnify to Manage Their Teams FAR Better!

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TeamUnify can help your swim team with:

  • Automated billing & invoicing with optional cost-friendly credit card processing
  • Easy to use website management system with point-and-click simplicity
  • Effective Online Registration allowing parents to set up online accounts
  • Robust communication suite with integrated email & text messaging
  • Time saving volunteer management
  • Online meet declaration & meet entries
  • TouchPad Meet Management software at no extra cost
  • Mobile access through our OnDeck mobile application also at no extra cost
  • ...and much more!






Swimming is Our Passion:

We live, breathe, and love swimming


The TeamUnify Suite:

The most popular platform for managing swim teams



Today, your team is managed by islands of process and information that are largely disconnected. When information and process are disconnected, so is your team management.

TeamUnify brings the entire management process under one platform to deliver super-charged management performance. All in a fraction of the time you currently spend.

SwimOffice is the most powerful and revolutionary swim team management platform. Every feature has been specifically tuned to speak the language of swimming. Guiding swim teams to manage themselves FAR better than ever before.

SwimOffice has proven itself over and over again, to thousands of swim teams, delivering unrivaled performance at managing the complex tasks that your swim team faces.

Our Software Suite:

Empowering your administrators and coaches to do more


Proven Swim Team Management Success

See what 3,500+ swim teams have already discovered; TeamUnify delivers results. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that so many swim teams trust TeamUnify to effectively manage their success stories.

Low Cost, Low Risk Management System

Say goodbye to complexity. With no software or hardware to install, you don't have to wait to get going. You're up and running - seeing an astounding impact on your swim team's management abilities - in a fraction of the time.

Complete Swim Team Management

Every feature within the Teamunify platform has been specifically tuned to speak the language of swimming, guiding you to be a better swim team. At 14 generations, our software has proven itself over and over again. Delivering unrivaled performance managing the complex tasks that your swim team faces. All with unprecedented ease. 


Give us 10 minutes and we will explain how 40,000+ volunteer swim parents have been given their lives back with the TeamUnify software!